portait of a monk with muscles in orange dress and crossed arms along the Mekong river in Laos

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portait of an old monk in orange dress on stairs along the Mekong river in Laos

portait of a nun in front of a temple in Luang Pragbang Laos

kids children having fun with yellow and purple balloons

complicity between father and son laughing in Laos

laughing smily kids children playing cards in the street in Laos

women looking at boats on the pier along the Mekong River Laos

portait of a old monk in orange dress along the Mekong river in Laos

Monks in orange dress looking at some funeral gift

tribe kids children naked along the mekong river and jumping into water

tribe kids children along the mekong river

volley ball played with feet impressive move in Laos

fisherman using old traditional way of fishing in a river

portrait of an old woman selling flower as offering to the gods

cat fish from Mekong River

buddhist monk teaching school at chilrden with a candle painted on the ground

orange monk dress drying in the sun on metal wall

orange umbrella detail under the sun

shoes at the entrance of a buddhist temple

nice river with rope to jumpe into the water with a view Laos


beautiful view of a typical asiatic boat along the Mekong River at sunset

detail of broken Buddha statues

colorful orange and green details of carved and painted wall in a temple on Laos

dragon head with wings carved in wood in front of a bight yellow wall in a temple in Laos

otange flower as offering to the gos in front of a beautiful tree full of branches


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"Certainly much more remains to be found in Laos." | Bryan Stuart

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