Nepal saddhu Portrait

Nepal yellow smily saddhu Portrait

Nepal monk Portrait

Nepal tibetan Portrait

Nepal smily monk with a rainbow umbrella Portrait

Nepal smily old women Portrait

Nepal Portrait in the mountains near Tibet

Nepal old woman Portrait

Nepal saddhu Portrait

Nepal Portrait saddhu sign


Nepal buddhist guy near the Tibetan border Portrait

Nepal young buddhist monks Portrait

Nepal Portrait

Nepal Tourist police officer Portrait

Nepal Hindouist woman Portrait

Nepal potery old guy Portrait

Nepal Portrait

Nepal young kid near Tibet when trekking Portrait

Nepal Portrait near the stuppa

Nepal 2 Tibetan girls Portrait

Nepal brick worker Portrait

Nepal young guys Portrait

Nepal kid girl Portrait


Nepal smile happy and smily kids children uniform Portrait Sankar Project logo

Nepal stupa monk with rainbow umbrella Portrait

Nepal Portrait smile school director

Nepal Portrait old woman near Tibet

kids praying in queues at school

Tibetan prayer portrait near Tiber Nepal border

Nepal Portrait Typical Tibetan house women

Nepal old woman Portrait

Nepal black sadhu Portrait

Nepal Portrait Yellow smily saddhu

Nepal Portrait saddhu very long hair

Nepal Portrait saddhu red sign


mother and child near stupa


Namaste young kid girl

Nepal 5 on a motorbike

creating Potery guy

old woman creating potery

tibetan monk mandala praying

Nepal Portrait communist on a rock


typical women in the street

bouddhist monk prayer

hands and feet tibetan girl

young monk praying reading mantra


Nepal barber

Nepal kids praying at shool

kids playing

Nepal peope lookout view


fire demonstration protest Nepal street

stuppa stuppa Nepal colored tibetan prating flags

Nepal Boddnath stupa

Dalai Lama's Birthday arounf the stuppa Boddnath Nepal drums

stupa Nepal woman carrying grass

Nepal Boddnath stupa people praying prayers

Nepal Boddnath stupa people praying reading book

Nepal Boddnath stupa monks Prayers

destroyed street mountain bulldozer river rocks

sunset reflection Gosaikund lake Nepal

Nepal sunset reflection Gosaikund lake

House under a rock for monk retreat near Tibet

old women living under a rock in the mountains

typical tibetan window with praying flags nepal

Horse horns Langtang

Temple Nepal Kathmandu

offerings feather Nepal

statue colors Nepal

Nepal statue colors tika

Nepal offerings colored powder

public Fountain Architecture lines perspective

Free Tibet tag wall


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